Brief History

West Champaran District was carved out of the old Champaran District in the year 1972 as a result of re-organization of the District in the state. It was formerly a subdivision of Saran District and then Champaran District with its Head quarters as Bettiah. It is said that Bettiah got its name from Baint (Cane) plants commonly found in this District. The name Champaran is a degenerate from of Champaka aranya, a name which dates back to the time when the District was a tract of the forest of Champa (Magnolia) trees and was the abode of solitary ascetics.


The history of the District during the late medieval period and the British period is linked with the history of Bettiah Raj. Bettiah Raj has been mentioned as a great estate. It traces its descent from one Ujjain Singh and his son, Gag Singh, who received the title of Raja from the Emperor Shah Jahan (1628-58). The family came in to prominence as Independent chief in the 18th century during the downfall of the Mughal Empire. AT the time when Sarkar Champaran passed under British rule, is was in the possession of Raja Jugal Kishore Singh, Who succeeded Raja Dhrup Singh in 1763.The Raj was succeeded by the descendents of Raja Jugal Kishore . Harendra Kishore Singh, the last Maharaja of Bettiah, died in 1893, Issueless and was succeeded by the first wife, Who died in 1896.The estate came under the management of court of words since 1897 and was held by the junior widow of Maharaja, Maharani Janki Kunwar.


The court of words is at present holding the property of Bettiah Raj.


In north Bihar at present only two Medical colleges exits. One at Darbhanga and other at Muzaffarpur. Both are more than 175Km from Bettiah and more than250Km from the Bagha.


Serious patients from Bettiah and Bagha have to cover about 200Km to get Medical facilities at Medical College and Hospital. People from Bagha used to attend Gorakhpur, UP for the treatment of serious diseases.


In view of the above difficulties of the people of this region, Bihar government decided to open a Medical College Hospital at Bettiah.


Then in 2008 Bihar Government started Government Medical College, Bettiah at Bettiah. Maharani Janki kunwar Hospital Bettiah has been attached to Government Medical College, Bettiah. Maharani Janki Kunwar Hospital Bettiah is a reputed Hospital, previously run by Bettiah Raj trust. Raj Priwae was very popular and people friendly Rajwara. They established many educational Institutes before Independence of India.


In 2013 with the effort of Govt. and Health dept. of Bihar the Medical College was given LOP by MCI and same year 100 students were admitted in Govt.Medical College, Bettiah.


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