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market still maintain a strong Europe occupy two top of the pyramid of the old pattern. However, this does not mean that the local fast company no chance, they have to participate in Olympic sports sponsorship Enclosure Movement. "Ambush marketing" approach was the rapid spread of the sports shoes pattern entirely projected on the Beijing Olympics sponsorship platform, in the face of strong suppliers sponsor Nike and Adidas, local sports in the embarrassment of being marginalized situation. "The company grew less than 50 percent is not a good company" and enter the new millennium, the domestic sports shoes and apparel companies began a breathtaking growth. They are typical of Fast Company. But so far, these companies have not fast Nike and Adidas pose much of a threat, the market still maintained a strong Europe to occupy two top of the pyramid of the old pattern. However, this does not mean that the local fast company no chance, they have to participate in rodeo sports sponsorship in Olympic sports, and the opportunities to climb bet on those Chinese who could get the title of the project, such as gymnastics, table tennis, diving, badminton, and even include weightlifting and shooting. "ambush marketing" approach was quickly popularized. reject marginalization why the other end of the thick curls into a board-inch, grew a beard shaved for many years, "Wen Qing" temperament gone . His title also by that little mouthful Del benefits "special assista jordans on sale online nt to general manager" with the "vice president." There are thousands of sporting goods company in Fujian Jinjiang, managers such as river carp, not an executive like him as a business service for nearly 10 years. And now, he is probably the most time of the alert, because, in this industry for 10 years opened Express, the situation has somewhat strange. Fair every year to participate in the body, Del benefits annually hall next to Adidas. For why it is, and Adidas "twinning" has a very important symbolic significance. He interprets this as "there is approximation in terms of fashion sports style." In this year's Beijing Olympic body Expo hall, two tone hall are also black and white, the difference is Adidas oval outside the stadium decorated with navy stripes, while Del benefits is made the Bird's Nest and Water Cube mixed body. Fair every body, there is always a moment of boiling within deerhui pavilions, this year is no exception. With the arrival of fans, the hall had some sparse crowd gradually gather in deerhui pavilion. Bayi after a long prelude by the children's gymnastics team performances and interactive games hosted Han Qiao constituted, Jay played. Screams and cries hybrid one, 800 square meters large booth almost prepared for them, or else you really want to bursting of. deerhui and Adidas, while lively, while deserted. Adidas there, only occasionally thirty-two staff at the booth of "football field" while wandering. However, it exhibits, jordans on sale mens the two and not comparable. As an official partner of the Beijing Olympic Games, Adidas exhibited professional sports shoes, from track and field, gymnastics to ball games, the style is concerned, can be called beautiful. In many cases, the effect of sales value and stylized entertainment stars will come stronger than sports stars. Years ago, when Jay Del benefits and fried chicken in contact, once faced with competition from Anta. Anta was hired just because table tennis star Kong Linghui spokesperson fame, but from the shape of a professional sporting goods company's public image still a great distance, after all, difficult to fully reflect the professional table tennis shoes and equipment. ANTA professional image is then substituted by its sponsorship of the CBA Li Ning transferred gradually erected. From another point of view can also be considered, it is precisely to give up the achievements of Jay Anta. Later Anta in addition to briefly speak with Elva over canvas shoes outside, its spokesman is a water sports star. and Anta, 361 degrees and a few other companies from different professional sports sponsorship "professional" breakthrough, Del benefits represented by the "fashion movement" fans very public. Than Jay, TWINS, Aaron Kwok, Stefanie Sun, Jang Nara, etc., and sports eight pole could not beat the entertainment figures become sports shoes and apparel enterprises spokesman. Dozens of brands, dozens endorser, which is strange landscape in this jordan 3 katrina 2018 market in the past decade. why his entertainment marketing has been called "insert bits" policy, but the market is growing so fast that those who want to unconventional marketing strategies conventional regression, namely sports return. And strange place domestic brands pattern that group today, shuffle already near the end, committed dozens of brand to do business during the peak period has now left more than a dozen. Later will be less, when who survive it? So now, they must show the harder. ambush marketing new products deerhui spokesperson Bayi team gymnast Xiao Qin. Xiao Qin called "pony God", pommel horse is his strength. He has become the Beijing Olympics gold medal candidate. This Del benefits, is an important link Beijing Olympics tentacles. Meanwhile, Phoenix TV host has become deerhui Xu Gehui public ambassador. The so-called "public ambassador" is just a pretext, which is behind the clear intent of marketing, because Xu Gehui Phoenix station hosted a file called "Together 2008" program. This two-handed, why call it ambush marketing. In fact, sports sponsorship, ambush marketing (ambush marketing) long. From the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics, many unofficial sponsor on through the sponsorship of sports stars, television broadcast and outside the campaign launch, etc., fighting for attention resources. Adidas as the Beijing Olympic Games sports clothing partner for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, all the staff and technical officials Paralym cheap foamposites pic Games, as well as Chinese sports delegations, volunteers and torch offers sports shoes and apparel. However, despite Adidas is the Beijing Olympic partners, it leaves space still has great Olympic marketing. Nike is not keen on the identity of the official Olympic partner, in the Olympic marketing, it is always by pragmatism. Olympic Games, Nike has 28 Olympic Games and China in the 22 participating associations sign an cooperation agreement to provide exclusive game equipment. In addition, Nike also with the United States Olympic Committee, Germany and Russia, nearly 40 countries signed a cooperation agreement. As a result, more than 3,000 participated in the Beijing Olympics, most athletes wearing Nike equipment will participate in the competition, but only wear Adidas shoes and apparel on the podium. Thus, if Adidas became the official news spread Beijing Olympic partners is not so popular, it really is not easy to figure out the general audience Adidas and Nike in the end who are "partners." Nike formula of "ambush marketing" clearly provides an effective path to excavate Olympic marketing resources for the Chinese local sporting goods business. Li Ning televised engage interception marketing apparently quite powerful. Li Ning and the CCTV sports channel signed a three-year contract, requiring all photographed reporters, guests, presenters must Peidailining logo. Defeat compete with Adidas official partner of the Beijing Olympic Games after pos buy cheap jordans online itive competition, Li Ning's this trick apparently he pulled a city for themselves. If the matter is not on Adidas and Li Ning consultations, I am afraid that as the official sponsor of the Beijing Olympics marketing effectiveness will be greatly reduced. Meanwhile, Li Ning is also the Chinese gymnastics team, tennis team, shooting team and diving team gold medal four big sponsors, in addition, still the Spanish team, the Argentine team and sponsor of the Swedish delegation. In addition to Li Ning, many of the local sports shoes and apparel brands have chosen the type of free-rider Olympic marketing, sports shoes in Jinjiang communities, special steps, Erke, Peak, Royu and wild force, were sponsored Belarus, Olympic delegation to North Korea, Iraq, Tajikistan and Slovenia. As another strong brand Jinjiang system 361 degrees, has been the main sponsor of the Chinese badminton team. break the bottleneck Olympic participation divide the resources of the local fast group of companies, in addition to a simple promotional purposes, more important is the product of professional level of appeal. This is a crucial change. the mid-1980s, when the "sports shoes" from Hong Kong and the mainland passed, it is not to be called sneakers, and called sneakers. As shoes production base in Fujian Jinjiang, in science and technology for a long time internal and professional sports-related products are not as much. While domestic demand situation is not clear, by the ear cheap air jordans ly 1990s, when the Olympic men's basketball team sponsored August, when this national championship team players still wear the shoes. To enter the site to promote the shoe's largest producing field in Jinjiang from domestic professional sports, especially the rise.[global shoes network] Converse First String 1970s Chuck Taylor All Star classic series will debut with a new color system. The whole series of shoes design, the prototype of Chuck Taylor All Star in the field of rock and roll and basketball in the 70s of the 20th century, is a reinterpretation of the most classic Chuck Taylor All Star. Compared with the classical Chuck Taylor All Star 1970s Chuck Taylor All, the Star series will attract more attention of collectors and Converse senior advocates concerned; if look carefully, there will be more worth pondering more details: full and thick layer rubber soles, coupled with a more rounded toe and heavy double canvas cedrat, asymmetrical shoes and gradually extending from the side of the shoe body under the step on the line for Chuck arc Taylor All Star posted on the label of the one and only. Converse First String 1970s Chuck Taylor All Star classic series will be prior to February 7, 2014 in the public offering, retail price of RMB 549 and 599.Converse Chuck Taylor All Star will use the Nike exclusive Flyknit technology, bring the breathable uppers to Converse classic style, in the hot summer, keep your feet dry and light, finally equipped with Nike L jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black unarlon insoles and suede uppers, comfort comprehensive upgrade. Converse Chuck Taylor All Star x Nike Flyknit series will be sold at designated Converse retail stores. APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement trend], scan code take you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion trends, more free shoes true and false authentication service, you experience! after last week's spy, the red color of the nike air foamposite Pro "Red October" overwhelmed again release the whole body of the shoe of the physical map. This is the last month, offering nike air foamposite Pro "volt" and a pure color FoamPosite pro, but at present still did not release details exposure, please attention when customer follow-up report. more the latest shoes running shoes, NBA anecdotes and sports knowledge, please pay attention to the most Niubi sports equipment community [when off], microblogging search "when off, micro channel search dunkhome and extra welfare wayward send. source: Kickz CopRubber Duck is currently sweeping through the city, footprints all over Harbour City, and as the street fashion pioneer Reebok has also produced a double to GL 6000 Rubber Duck Shoes transformation, sense of humor, it is leading the trend! Would you want this pair of lovely duck shoes? if you want to see this cute pair of shoes that you duck don't miss Reebok Retro Running Library. Reebok not only has the motion of a classical background, more into the original concept, to enco Retro jordans for sale urage all of the young people enjoy self-expression, Reebok this summer will again push for movement and the trend of fashion classic 28 years wandering legend Reebok GL6000, in addition to take you into the hot tide of fashion, Reebok always enjoy a lot of love for the idea and engage young the sound of people, and the emergence of GL6000 is a representative of each generation of young people's aspirations, so the Reebok Retro Running Library of course called six different sectors of the trend of ICON to a cross by 2013, a strong return GL6000 to a renovation, the heart to express the classical Reebok Retro style: with different styles of eachThis 14 day Reebok Retro Running Library in addition to the new series GL6000 exhibitmidnight mentioned above, with the field display sale section two of the original GL6000 and Retro belong to Running progenitor; the latest series of ERS1500 and Pump Fury Hongkong special edition is also making a public debut, Reebok Fans once a three Retro Running shoes. The photo gallery in the field will take a classic picture of you and Reebok and upload it to the social networking site, and you'll get a limited edition Sticker of Reebok, which can be checked with the exhibition staff. exhibition Name: Reebok, Retro, Running, Library exhibition site: LCX, Tsim Sha Tsui, Harbour City exhibition date: May 2013 17 to 31 opening hours: from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. special promotion: if you buy GL6000 or ERS1500 shoes at the venue air jordan 11 space jam for sale , you can get a 15% off discount. if you buy GL6000 or ERS1500 shoes at the venue, you can get a 15% off discount. with the running more and more popular in this pursuit, many sports brands are also doing everything possible. ASICS, a Japanese sports giant and one of the world's top four running shoes today, ran the concept of high-end running at the ASICS run concept store, which opened earlier this year at the Nanshan poly Cultural Plaza in the city. Store decoration continues to use ASICS unique navy blue tone, men and women commodity partition decoration, the store also has the city's only 3D foot tester, in order to make its running shoes into the most personal sports tool. In addition the store also has indoor treadmills, for guests personally experience running shoes and high end foot. A friend who is interested in running this activity might as well go to the store to experience it himself. "Shoes comfortable, not only feet know, we also know" - Shenzhen Nanshan Asics running concept shop address: Shenzhen Nanshan District Poly Culture Plaza A1 35-36 contact Tel: 13322934524 Nike SB recently exposure, it is bound to become a classic Zoom Stefan Janoski new works. This double Zoom Stefan Janoski to Nike SB in 2003 launched Dunk Low SB Takashi classic shoes for the design to the whole with obsidian and golden color design, made of leather and suede uppers are made, and the upper Nike signs and tongue shoes marked with gold foil, is show Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale ing a extraordinary low-key luxury. This Nike SB Zoom Stefan Janoski Takashi is expected to officially appear on 2012 April, you SB fans, please wait and see. [page] subtitle #e# While color spot kangaroo boots; hot on the market; Liu Xiang Nike Running 2011 winter fall series; Part 2 comments on last article: While color spot kangaroo boots hot listed next: Liu Xiang Nike Running 2011 winter fall limited series Part 2 Nike was born in this year ushered in the 20th anniversary Air Max 97, with the design of "Silver Bullet" Ganso engraved silver "set off a whirlwind, and now this ultra popular color again shelves! This pair of Air Max 97 not only retains the avant-garde "silver bullet" shoes design, more into the red Swoosh and reflective lines, detail embellishment, while carrying a very representative of the whole palm Nike Air air cushion from the bottom. It is reported that the sale will be on April 15th at Nike Sportswear global designated stores shelves, priced at $175. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- extended reading -- -- -- -- -- -- , every day at six, on the way home from school, the 1626 WeChat public number makes you home! it's one of the most attractive Hairstyles for girls! can do so much for the team to take part in the marathon? Zhou Bichang? jerseys collocation! May be you ignore the sexy and publicity why do the boys have no resistance to girls wearing AJ? - - - - - - - - - - to the tide recommended - - - - - - - - - - Nike Benassi Print Slide black and red flowers Reebok LX8500 retro running shoes Nike SB x FTC remodeling classic FC Classic preview preview Nike new shoes design Dualtone Racer comments on last article: Nike SB x FTC remodeling classic FC Classic next article: preemptive preview, Nike new shoes design, Dualtone Racer after the Kobe 9 EXT officially SOLD snake color matching, recently, two new colors together exposed. The red version used upper dense projections using similar Yeezy2, the black version is more fit the theme of the black mamba. This two shoes will be available in succession before Christmas, the black version number 717593-001, launched in December 13th, red version number of 716993-600, launched in December 20th. Source: IG@jsoy23, @brotha_d, , , , also born in 1996, Air Jordan 11, IE Low, will be officially back on August 1st! , after 12 years, is still full of enthusiasm. Don't miss it! picture: copyright:Bettini Beijing time this morning, the 114th Paris Roubaix classic bicycle race finishes, green edge Team Australia driver Matthew Heyman won championship, veteran who was born in 1978 in the end of his career won the very honor! Peter Sagan luck is not very good picture: copyright:ASOgame from Compiè GNE to Roubaix, a total length of 257.5 km, of which there are 27 stone road, stone road length of 52.8 km. After the match began 20 km, and gradually formed a more than twenty people breakout group composition, the overall speed is too slow, in 75 kilometers with 16 riders stable breakout group, the breakout group leading group was once close to about four minutes. From the end of 115 kilometers place to crash in the trot team Tony Martin lead team classic owners Tom Boonen ahead Pursuit Group collar riding. part of the device can not play video, please favourites Cui g team Cancellara and Beijing Cove team Peter Sagan rushed to hunt for Tony Martin, state of this season's Tony Martin at state bursting, in his excellent performance, group in the great rear area situation a piece of chaos. It is reported that the car fell cancella unfortunately, Kan God may delay the retirement picture: copyright:Bettini Tony Martin smoothly Tom Boonen into breakout group, Chi champion Cancellara in 10 stone road Mons-en-Pé vè Le unfortunately crashed the car, and the fall car also directly ruined his champion Road, and the impact to the main group including Ta Flanders Xinke crown army Peter - Sagan the team owners. The next race will be decided from the breakout group. blonanserin looked trophy five crown again missed the picture: copyright:Getty Images Sport soon five riders began to eventual winners compete, they are four times won the tournament champion quickstep team Tom Boonen, Dutch Lotto team star van mark, green edge team Hyman, South Africa Dai Kai motorcade Hagen and the sky team Stan Nader. Van mark first began to attack, not a moment was chasing the other four, blandon and Hyman two age and in together for almost 80 years old veteran and began to attack, now, after leading a kilometers was also behind three people catch up. A chaotic situation, it is difficult to predict who will win the championship. After entering the stadium, Hagen first give up the title and the remaining four last few hundred meters sprint, good location Hyman of the big bang, with a small advantage beat classic King Tom Boonen won the tournament! post match interviewUnder Armour Curry Lux "Red Suede" physical map appreciate 2016-07-06 13:57:48 in front of this Under Armour Curry Lux "Red Suede", but Under Armour's brand new work. The shoes are made of goat skin, and red through the whole body, the use of solid color design and material to highlight the atmosphere and layers of shoes, and finally, shoes side with a huge UA Logo, domineering side leakage, interested friends may wish to pay attention to it. Nike Zoom Kobe Venomenon 5 "Joker" color will be on sale at 2015-09-23 10:29:25As the Nike Kobe series Nike Zoom Kobe Venomenon for combat has always been popular, and NikeBasketball Venomenon for 5 days before the launch of a new color, the brand with the "Joker" element, black purple and green fluorescence into the upper, still full of personality tiancheng. The actual performance also obtained everybody approval, it is reported that the shoes will soon be on sale, the number of 749884-005, interested friends may wish to focus.

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