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[Chinese shoes Network - Scroll News] recently Ms Wu Jinan mall to buy a pair of Nike shoes for a friend, just send out the results of a gift, it was returned to the friend, because someone suspected to be fake. Guihe commercial buy Nike shoes away after being considered a fake Ms Wu Jinan people: & quot; I lose face, and ask for things, the relationship is such a good, not lose face. & Quot; saw reporters, Ms Wu claimed again and again lose face, she is met what the problem is & quot;? Num shoes marked on the khaki, you gave me is black, my friend suspect This shoe is false, we are very stiff downtown. & Quot; Ms Wu said, was originally ask for things, and relatively good relations, it is intended to send a friend a pair of shoes as a gift, but did not think a friend is suspected fake shoes. Num color does not meet the consumer is difficult to seek explanation Jinan public Ms Wu said, & quot; the 2001 investigation of the shoes are black, on thi jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black s pair of shoes in the major sites, inside it was 2200, in the online search is a khaki-colored, that number heel is wrong. & Quot; Ms Wu said, the shoe label Num Num and this shoe is not the same. Reporters saw, Num heeled shoe on the inside label is not the same Num. In order to clarify the color does not match the shoes Num question Ms Wu also found a mall Nike counters, but the problem was not solved. Ms Wu said, & quot; from two more, until more than seven, did not give me an explanation. & Quot; Consumers are demanding treble damages, said counters can only return Subsequently, the reporter came together with Ms Wu Nike counters, this pair of shoes does not match the item number and color of the question, to understand. The staff said, & quot; because all the merchandise has its own number, this thing can only be determined by the query, so through direct view, I can not say yes or no. & Quot; Upon inquiry, the staff member said, these shoe air jordan 11 space jam for sale s have been sold, it is difficult to confirm these shoes real numbers. However, in the case does not affect the sale, it can first shoe drained away. For the answer mall, Ms Wu did not accept, he insists on triple damages. That's exactly where the problem shoe, then the staff to get in touch with the Nike Corporation. staff said, & quot; give us an answer Corporation, the shoes may be due to errors caused by work, the shoe does not match the problem with the internal standard. & Quot; That is, these shoes do not have quality problems, can only be returned to Ms Aw, no longer carry out other compensation. As a counter, placed in the shoe, the shoe does not comply with the internal standard, is a problem, it is necessary to give consumers a reply. If consumers can not accept this kind of error, it will be drained away the shoes, the shoes do not do the identification, returns do not agree, can only be continued stalemate. (Chinese shoes Network - the mos cheap air jordans t authoritative and most professional shoe News Media Partners: shoe & nbsp; clothing and shoes information.)there are so few shoes get extra attention in the Air Jordan series, is the "Doernbecher" charity theme, recently, there are media reports of the latest Air Jordan 11 charity sale is expected in the year 2014, and became a member of Nike Doernbecher Freestyle in Collection. The shoe also follows a caring theme, designed by a 15 year old cancer survivor named Jimmy Li, who delivers his love to more people. this year is not just the anniversary of Jordan Brand, but also the anniversary of Nike Sportswear. in addition to the earlier sale of white red " Nike " and red white " Nike " outside, as well as this silver color Nike Air Force 1 High. shoes are mainly white, with the details of metal silver, the overall style rather retro flavor ~ the most powerful silver color matching, you think? Just released Nike air max 1 ultra moir Retro jordans for sale e, black and white color were sold; overwhelmed brand re launch of the black color, whether can continue wound success? Black shoe light still, smooth line is very simple. This is a set of comfortable foot feeling and styling in a shoe, pure black show added a lot of tension. Currently, this color has been purchased by the Swiss tennis shoes shop Titolo. get reloaded, the app store search "get" to download the latest version, more information about shoes, more beauty pretty shoes, Nike grab shoes, true and false identification of shoes, cool T-shirt gold and get everything; detailed inquiry micro letter "dunkhome", "getdunkhome", micro Bo "when the guest," "getapp" and get our sports life! source: HighsnobietyThe tongue is another iconic elements of Tiempo series shoes, Tiempo Legend 6 shoes tongue to achieve better performance through innovation. Tiempo Legend 6 Tiempo series soccer shoes in the continuation of traditional tongue beauty at the same time, th jordan 3 katrina 2018 e adoption of both protection design and stability, the tongue and one shoe. Tiempo Legend 6 has the inner frame, heel and midfoot molded micro fiber insole can help correct foot position. The lower surface of the insole has traction force and interacts with the silicone structure inside the sole. The structure is also a part of the Tiempo Legend 6 football shoes "sole traction insole" and "insole traction socks" as a pull system. The inside of the sneaker is slightly higher than the outside, consistent with the ankle's skeletal characteristics. This detail is shown by a small Swoosh logo on the inside of the shoe. 〈br erick="" goto="" the="" atch="" designer,="" thronelebron="" 2013-12-08="" 22:02:09="" 9 to meet their Watch The Throne national tour, LBJ met them at the Miami station and gave them a NSW bag each. This is the special version of the signature shoes. These shoes are made jointly by Nike designer Erick Goto, Eugene Rogers and New York ar cheap foamposites tist Gabriel Urist. There are only 3 pairs, belonging to Kanye, Jay-Z and LeBron James myself. "this plan is in a hurry. The original pair of shoes, we think of gold as the main color, as we all know, their album cover is golden, and fused a lot of elements. We add a little bit of grooming around, and to be honest, there's a lot of inspiration from Givenchy's Riccardo Tisci. But after discussing with them, we decided to use the present color scheme. After all, they come from different places, Jay-Z in New York, Kanye in Chicago, LBJ in Ohio. We have to reflect their own characteristics." - By Eric Goto1, men's shoes and GS prices vary greatly (like AJ generally around 500 yuan), configuration is not the same? 0.jpg (100.06 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2015-5-7 upload at 21:31 2, behind the shoes will often see the words "HTM", what is it? 1.jpg (94.52 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2015 jordans on sale mens -5-7 upload at 21:31 2.jpg (77.84 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2015-5-7 upload at 21:31 3.jpg (26.67 KB, download times: 0) download the attachment save to knowledge0.jpg (24.07 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2016-4-16 upload at 21:17 1.jpg (36.02 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2016-4-16 upload at 21:17 2.jpg (51.94 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2016-4-16 upload at 21:17 3.jpg (46.67 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2016-4-16 upload at 21:17 4.jpg (36.54 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2016-4-16 upload at 21:17 5.jpg (36.35 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2016-4-16 upload at 21:17 6.jpg (26.32 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2016-4-16 upload at 21:17 7.jpg (57.26 KB, download times: 0) down buy cheap jordans online load attachment save to album 2016-4-16 upload at 21:17 8.jpg (51.92 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2016-4-16 21:1nrecently, there are paparazzi photographed Kanye, West and Kim Kardashian appeared in Paris, concerned about Hom ye and Adi new friends are more concerned about what to wear, from the photos can be clearly seen is Adidas, ZX, Flux. You guys wear quite a ~ : the city of winds, Chicago, is about to host the exclusive Air Max 90 shoes this weekend. The 2016 version uses all white color to create a vamp, but equipped with golden shoelaces and ice blue outsole and sincerity details, but the most eye-catching was Chicago under the District No. 312 heavy elements, and laser engraving head. This pair of shoes has now been sold exclusively at Nordstrom x Nike Sneaker Boutique stores. Huizhou Railway Station. The train from Dongguan to Zhengzhou has arrived and migrant workers have boarded the train home in good o jordans on sale online rder. With the withdrawal of traditional intensive industries in the Pearl River Delta, the lively scene of the former "world factory" and the surging tide of migrant workers every year will become history. Newspaper reporter Tian Fei photo "labor contract law" implementation, triggering the Domino effect, "world factory" is facing the pain of transfer Pearl River Delta factory evacuation thousands of shoe factories closed, million Hong Kong enterprises facing closures, more large number of small and medium enterprises plan to move out or difficult to continue "30 years, Hedong, Hexi 30 years.". " in January 16th, the temple of Foshan bus station. Xiao Hanjun, a migrant worker from Hubei, and seven or eight fellow countrymen, waited for a parcel of parcels to wait in the cold wind of the station square. Xiao Hanjun left the sigh before crossing the bus from the southern city. The approximation of the year, but with Xiao Hanjun for the h Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale ome, not for the new year. More than half a month ago, they were in the town of anzhen cowboy processing factory closed down, after receiving the final wage compensation, they withdraw from the collective. Next spring, they left their hometown to be a factory in Suzhou. , a 34 year old Xiao Hanjun, almost wept. He remembered the excitement and vision of his arrival in Guangdong 10 years ago and his fellow countrymen on the train. Now everything has become a smoke. new year January, the winter of the Pearl River Delta is experiencing a hitherto unknown transfer pain: thousands of shoe factories closed, million Hong Kong enterprises facing closures, more large number of small and medium enterprises plan to move out here. was in China dominate for many years the economic territory of the Pearl River Delta, the former lively and brilliant "world factory" in the scene or will become history. It is a reality and also a historical inevitability that moves out, introduces, and upgrades from the traditional labor-intensive industries to the modern industrial system. reborn is a painful process, enterprises, foreign workers moved after the Pearl River Delta, will usher in what kind of future? In the throes of high pressure, restlessness, indecision and confrontation, the Pearl River Delta is at the crossroads of fission. : : editor's note: the stock market has fallen by 2/3, the rupiah has fallen sharply, and the trade deficit has been huge...... There are "emerging investment paradise in Southeast Asia," said Vietnam's recent economic red light flashing, public opinion worried that Vietnam will detonate another "new Asian financial crisis."". What impact does Vietnam's economic crisis have on Dongguan, a "world factory"? Dongguan shoes enterprises in Vietnam have encountered difficulties in management. Reporter Cao Xueqin photo "Vietnam is not an imaginary paradise."." Yesterday, Houjie a furniture business person in charge told reporters. The responsible person just at the end of May to visit Vietnam to return, 5 days of investigation, he is fully aware of the Vietnamese high inflation, "the original and Vietnam investment ideas, now will not consider." A number of economic indicators of "Vietnam investment environment is not very good." Yesterday, Dongguan Furniture Association Liao deputy secretary general told reporters. At the end of May, the Furniture Association organized 27 members to visit Vietnam Hanoi area, just a year since the devaluation of the vnd crazy day. Chinese enterprises in Vietnam the Lakers now is the internal disorder and foreign invasion, many members of the team encountered injuries hit, in succession in the face of the enemy, is currently only a Western withheldest winless team, can be described as a worrying future. and recently, foreign mainstream social media tweets a porn actress Sadie Santana: tweeted that, if the Lakers this season wins reached 47, so she will be free for the Lakers to provide special services, and at the same time @ the LaLakersLive, immediately attracted wide attention and has fueled widespread debate. and the same for the recent poor record of the Lakers, the former NBA superstar Barkley also made his interesting remarks. TNT, who was on the TV show, said he would refuse to eat until the Lakers have won a victory. -. - if the words were true, sir Charles had to be hungry for three days, because the Lakers' next game was in November 10th. Xiangxi emperor LBJ: seven days later, Barkley died of starvation in that field : Mr. Barkley last words: "the Lakers win the day, remember in my grave... Burn... Bowl... Rice......" tomato0131:1 months later, lean into a flash of lightning back to NBA? we only to have the news, we are approximately spherical artifact, micro channel attention "DUNKHOME and slams the service number left angle about? Brother?

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